About Us


About the Clinic

Our mission is to provide personalized, high-quality care on an as-needed or preventative basis.  We have created a practice that we believe in and choose for our own family members.

We are a full-service family practice of dedicated, experienced professionals who believe in working with our patients to maintain and improve their health.  We work together to serve your entire family for all their holistic needs in all stages of life.  Our physician believes in providing comprehensive health care services to you in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.  We also believe in educating our patients as we work with them to achieve the best physical state possible. 

Our specialists come to our practice with years of experience in their area of expertise.  Our certified massage therapist always consults with the attending chiropractic physician prior to working with each patient in order to provide informed, consistent care at all times.  Our patients include those who suffer from low back pain, neck pain, pinched nerves, headaches, and more.  Stop by our clinic in Redmond Town Center to find out more about a free consultation.


Dr. David Patenaude, D.C.

 Dr. David Patenaude, DC uses the latest innovative technique ‘specific prone’, a light, gentle, and comfortable technique with outstanding results.  Growing up his father was the only chiropractor in their small mid-western town, he had dreams of becoming a second generation chiropractor.  After completing his studies at the University of Wisconsin, he moved to Portland, Oregon and graduated with his Doctor of Chiropractic in 2001.  

Seeking adventure, he moved to Peru to introduce chiropractic care to as many Peruvian families  as  possible.  While living there, he became fluent in Spanish, learned how to surf, and discovered the incredible Peruvian cuisine.

After getting a tip about the need for chiropractors in Indonesia, he moved his family across the world to start their next adventure.  Experiencing the strong demand for chiropractic, he started his own clinic in Jakarta., where he helped countless families and explored many surf breaks and beaches before eventually  returning to the Pacific Northwest.  He is now the proud owner of Redmond Chiropractic & Massage.

With 18 years of experience Dr. Dave knows the ins and outs on how to help his patients live the best life possible. 

Be Well, Live Well!


Sharon Heppes, LMT

Sharon Heppes has been a massage therapist for 8+ years.  About 10 years ago Sharon was suffering from moderate to severe headaches on a daily basis.  She had tried everything she could think of but to no avail.  Finally she came across massage therapy as an option.  Soon after she saw amazing results and to this day only gets moderate headaches every so often.  Sharon saw the powerful results that massage therapy can have on ones life and decided that she wanted to help people the way she was helped.  She graduated from Bellevue Massage School in 2010, and has provided her patients with intuitive massage therapy ever since.  She worked at a local clinic for 5 years with a recent transition into clinical therapeutic massage therapy.  She is intuitive to her client’s needs and responds by using a mixture of diverse techniques to achieve ultimate healing and relaxation for her clients.  Sharon also believes that massage helps to reconnect the mind and body for a more harmonious life.  Those who have benefited from Sharon’s unique skills include neck and back injuries, along with migraine sufferers.